Ellin Sidell

Certified Coach and Mentor with a Passion for Unlocking Human Potential, from Tiny Habits to Big Results.


It was the best of times. It was the worst of times…

During my 35-year corporate career, my track record demonstrates that I know how to ask crucial questions at exactly the right time. This has elicited the rare type of feedback that has helped me to build effective teams, systems, processes, and solutions that have grown multi-billion dollar businesses for iconic companies such as Nestle, Microsoft, and Costco.

One example is when I asked the Costco VP of Diversity and Inclusion: Will she sponsor a pilot Mentee Ring program to complement an existing mentoring program that wasn’t scaling to meet the demand? She said yes!

Over 5 years later, having founded the Costco Mentee Ring program, I’m pleased to share that over 200 mentees have graduated as of June 2022, and the program is still thriving. 

In addition to the professional elevation and expansion I experienced, those five years were such a pivotal point in my personal life. My soul came alive. I realized how meaningful it was to me to mentor, coach, and train others to reach for their dreams and actualize their unrealized potential. More than that, I saw how my relationships, health, financial abundance, spiritual life (and everything else that’s important) reached a level of richness I had only dreamd of, simply through getting in touch with my previously overlooked, natural gifts. In the winter of 2022, I left Costco and my corporate career to become a Principal in my own mentoring and coaching business.

The motto that made it all happen? 

Don’t Find Yourself. Define Yourself and Go Beyond. 

One of my defining values was born through the influential and critical mentor support that believed in me, and strategically guided me to find my best possible course- both in my personal life and at work. Mentoring and coaching are my passion. Paying it forward is my calling, and one of my greatest joys. There’s just nothing that beats the feeling of observing the mentees' belief in themselves growing, and their results transforming, because the mentees see, reflected in their mentor’s eyes, the 100% belief and conviction that the mentors have for the mentee’s potential.

Something you may be surprised to know is, all of the contributions and successes, mentioned above, happened during an extended period when I learned resilience as the “School of Hard Knocks” came calling repeatedly (like it does for many of us)...

● I am a three-time breast cancer thrivor

● I was widowed in my mid-forties

● I raised teenage daughters without a father

● I buried both parents

It was the worst of times. And yet, somehow, the best of times. It was the age of wisdom…

I firmly believe that everyone has their own journey–their own path to follow–whether one of grief, career growth or transition, personal growth, and pursuing your dreams, (or all of them combined) to actualize your highest valued potential.

If you too want to unlock your potential from tiny habits to big results, then I sincerely hope to hear from you. Because when you do, you will be living The Sidell Method motto: 

“Don’t Find Yourself. Define Yourself and Go Beyond!”

Mentoring & Coaching are my passion. Paying it forward is my calling.




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I am Ellin Sidell and my strength lies in helping others utilize their resiliency in their journeys to reach their professional and personal goals. To illustrate why resiliency is so important, let me explain that in my own life, I am over a decade beyond the last of three different breast cancer occurrences and I'm so grateful for the opportunity it afforded me to learn and grow. Not only did I heal during this time, I changed my career trajectory to a more lucrative field all while navigating and gaining more balance between my professional and personal life. My experiences taught me that being resilient is a muscle and that anyone can learn the right exercises to make it stronger every day.

In my training and coaching business, I help individuals overcome barriers to achieve success. I provide a perspective that might have taken years to attain on your own. Colleagues and coaching clients have shared their appreciation for me being their thinking partner and helping them to think different and consider new perspectives, address their limiting beliefs, and grow. I love to ask questions and help people arrive at the realizations they need to keep moving forward.

My reputation for being a customer advocate, builder of lasting professional relationships and a persuasive communicator comes with me wherever I go. During my time working at multiple top Fortune 100 companies, I’ve seen firsthand which mentoring and coaching content and approach works and what doesn’t. As a certified member of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. and coupled with my decades of Fortune 100 company results, I am equipped with the tools, resources, and experience to help you and your team improve productivity, performance, and profitability. I look forward to helping you or your team reach your goals and objectives!

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